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Mahendra Khera

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


At a young age I fell in love with storytelling. Being an athlete, this led me down the path of Sports Journalism. After one year I realized that I wanted more, so I changed my degree to Marketing and Electronic Media & Film, thus beginning my journey into film. 

Five years later, I've now produced over 50+ videos for companies such as Baltimore Knife & SwordMerritt Clubs, Mad Lab Performance GymZipCar, Parisi Speed School, and Liberty Christian School. The following are the types of videos I've produced.

  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Promotional

  • Testimonies

  • Music Videos

  • Informational

  • Parodies

When I'm not creating videos for work I'm working on my own projects. I recently released 'The Forest of Hope' which is a three minute film that I made for a competition. 

Just like how some restaurants are Farm-to-Table, my video production is from scratch, meaning I conceptualize, write, storyboard, film, and edit all of my videos. So no matter which part of the filming process you need help with, I can be of assistance. 

Please take as much time as you'd like browsing my portfolio. For business inquiries, please contact me using the information below. Additional videos of my work can be provided upon request. 


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Contact me -

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